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My 6 Month IronDad Experience

This...  Is going to be... EPIC!!


Make your wife happy, and your kids proud.  Get massive with me!


Buy now and start any time you like after that... just like everything else, you get lifetime access!


Time Commitment:

45 minutes, 3 times a week for as long as you want (I did it over 6 months).  You can do 6 or 7 days a week if you want as well


$147 upfront, no ongoing or added costs (cheaper than a week of PT)

How is it delivered:

Every week I will upload a new phase.  The phases are as follows:

Prep Phase:

  • get your eating sorted for MASSIVE growth without getting fat
  • create your growth supplement schedule
  • What supps to buy and how to get best quality/lowest prices
  • Choosing a gym, how to get a cheap membership without a contract
  • How to set up a cheap home gym
  • What additional equipment you may need

The best way to think about the actual lifting phases is to think of your body as Las Vegas, back when the guys decided to build a city in the middle of nowhere.

Lifting Phase 1: base phase
Base phase is when we send in the foremen, and build the site office.  At the same time, we're adding the telephone lines from the head office (your brain) to the site offices (your muscles).  Now, just like building a casino, we need to spend time getting as many cables as we possibly can into this place, so we can have shit loads of slot machines.  Translate this to your body, and you've got neural connections (nerve messengers) that we're building into the prime mover muscles.  in non-nerd speak, we're stimulating your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) into building more connections to your muscles.  Each muscle is made up of millions of muscle fibres.  Right now, you have some areas of your body where the messenger nerves to your muscles are like 2 cups and a string.  We will strain that system so much that we will force your body to build a 4G network!  That's base phase. 

What you notice in base phase: a deep, really deep soreness.  Think of it as the actual nerves rearranging.  It's like surgery without anesthesia.  It hurts like hell.  The good news is that that type of deep soreness only happens when you're training your nervous system (phase 1 and 4).  What else will you notice? you'll be able to 'feel' individual muscles. i.e. if I said "lats" or "quads", you'd be able to visualise them, and feel them - where they attach too.  Towards the end of this phase, you should begin to see muscles start to swell and expand.

Lifting Phase 2: Balance phase
Balance phase is like setting foundations.  Now we have the network of IT cables in, we can make sure that it's going to be safe to build an enormous tower where previously there was a tin hut.  So we're checking and fixing 3 things:

Left-right imbalance: is one side doing more work than another?  This is not important to regular gym knobs (I'm sure you know a few, or you would by now - as soon as you start getting fit, you seem to attract armchair experts, the same type of guys who yell at the TV when the footy is on, but quit in under 8s because of a debilitating injury.  Be VERY careful of these people.  They will pick up a tiny bit of knowledge and throw it around like it's gospel.  These guys are the get-rich-quick guys, they always seem to be bumming cash or carrying injuries.)  Back to left-right imbalance.  The reason these dudes (or their poor friends who listened to them) are injured is because they tried to build a skyscraper on a slope.  Or worse, with no IT system (you can tell if they are big, but also slow).  The goal for you is to build functional muscle.  I can tell you from experience, you feel the weight of every kilo, and when you just build size without associated strength and power, you look good(ish) but feel like shit because you can't move your bulk around.  So this is part of the background work going on - when you're big, I want you to be able to lift your body weight for a few chins (while the ladies gasp and stare).

Core stability: if you picture a skeleton standing in front of you.  From feet to the top of your hips, you've got a powerful and stable platform.  Then from the head down to the bottom of your ribs, you've got a lot of stable bone structure, but from the bottom of your ribs until you reach the top of your hips, you're as stable as a creepy crawly.  Now a creepy crawly can handle a fair bit of sitting at a desk, or lifting light weights, but when we start to really stimulate your body in phase 4 with heavy, heavy lifts, a creepy crawly is just going to collapse.  So we're going to build your core muscles (there are 5 groups of them, not just the 6 pack up top, which is a single muscle, and the least important)

Structural integrity at the joints.  It's very rare that someone will get injured in a major muscle - most injuries are in what we call the stabiliser muscles.  These are found in the joints.  So shoulders, hips and knees.  There are some very important, but very small tendons, ligaments and muscles in these joints that we really want to strengthen.  In phase 3 and 4, we will be training to failure.  You want your body to fail.  Our job in phase 2 is to ensure that it is not a catastrophic failure (a joint failure), rather a muscle failure.  So checking and fixing structural integrity of your joints is vital, because we don't want the first discovery of an imbalance to be when you've got a fully loaded loaded on the bar.

Lifting Phase 3: Endurance Phase
By endurance, I mean muscular endurance.  Back to our Vegas analogy, before we can start bringing in the bricks and building, we're going to need a very efficient transport system.  So imagine once a week, in a different part of the city, we pay triple pay to any truck driver who can deliver material to us.  Can you imagine the mayhem?  We'd have them racing like mad and before you'd know it, we'd have mayhem.  And if we're doing our job right, we'd be on the wireless telling them we need more trucks, more trucks, more trucks, more trucks.  force them in, every parking space possible.  Fill that part of the city with trucks.  This is EXACTLY what we're doing in endurance phase. 

Why would you do it? The clean up takes ages, the truckies get the shits... well, you're demanding that more roads be built.  More roads and wider roads.

Translate that to your body, we're taking a muscle group and working it with a lot of volume, we're asking your body to redirect as much blood to that muscle group as we can get.  And once it gets it, we ask for more.  We keep working that muscle group, more and more and more until we get a complete traffic jam.  Then we sit back and let the body do it's work.  Build more blood vessels, build thicker blood vessels.  Make sure that when this muscle group needs blood like that again, it can get it, and it can remove the waste fast.  Endurance training is most people's favourite type of training because we are chasing what is called 'the pump'.  When your target muscles fill up with so much blood that they look swollen and red and they feel super tight.  Such a cool feeling.  Most gym junkies only ever chase this - so they have really good road systems, but don't know what to do with them.  Enter phase 4.

but before you do, understand that you will re-enter the soreness - this time, its muscle sore, not nerve sore.  It's different is all I can say, it's a sore you have to feel to know it.  After this phase, you'll know it well.  It's like your muscles are bruised.  Ensure you drink heaps of water and keep up your salt intake to ensure we flush the damage as fast as possible.

Lifting Phase 4: achievement phase
/explosive growth phase
This is it.  This is where you get massive.  We've just built super freeways into your muscles.  Time to bring in the concrete.  

So we take a 3 pronged approach.  

• Nervous stimulation through low rep high weight failure, 

• accelerated recovery through specific supplementation and 

• catalytic power generation through your phosphate energy system.

That's some seriously nerdy talk for "unleashing the beast".  If you think phase 3 felt cool, this is like the difference between like and love.  This is where the primal, violent, powerful animal that society has forced you to keep in a cage is set free.  In this gym, at this phase, it's OK, it's encouraged.  When your hands touch that bar, you're unstoppable.  Think violent, think unforgiving of weakness.  Visualise your mind as the pharaoh and your body is your warrior - it's going to war for you, and it wants to die gloriously in battle.  You're massive, you're powerful, you're the alpha male.  Nobody fucks with you.  Nobody.


For your kids and for you wife, get on this program and get big.  Become the physical representation of the man of the house.  You owe it to yourself and you owe it to them.  

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