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"fitness can be done with the family, it's not something else a father has to go away and do." Julius

"It's the best bonding experience for me and my kids."
- Marco

"My son calls me his FitDad, he cheers me and and we laugh so much" - Dennis

I used to think my role as "Dad" being that of financial provider.  But kids don't care about money.  Kids care about fun, excitement and enjoyment.  Yes, money certainly eases this, but when money is used to plug the hole, when we buy gifts for our kids to make up for our absence, we are missing out on the fundamental responsibilities of a parent.  Being present.


Since the death of my father, I've thought long and hard about what it is to be a dad.  I was fortunate to have a father who not only worked hard, but spent time making each of his 4 kids feel important.  A father who, despite being non-athletic (he was a self professed nerd) bred 3 very athletic boys.  I attest this to his commitment to being the best example he could be.


He could have spent time at the pub, or at work, but instead he worked out in the back yard or took us for walks.  We never saw any results from him, but his love of exercise infected us.  

If you can just do one thing for your kids, and that is to show them a commitment to your health and your wellbeing and your happiness, then you have done them an enormous favour.  Whether you are fat, thin, short, tall, injured or not - the commitment to enjoying your health and your fitness will filter through you and one day, not long from now; they will be telling their friends or their spouses that they look the way they do because "Dad was fit".


Whether they look like a bag of laundry or a marble statue starts with self belief.  Self belief brought on by what "dad" was like.  Join me, and over 60,000 other dads as we journey into our own pasts and bring out the athlete in ourselves.


We'll bust our lungs and explode our hearts, we'll sweat, we'll collapse and we'll get up and do it again.  After a little while we'll do it with a smile on our faces and a sense of pride in our eyes.  Not long after, we will begin to look like the fireman, spaceman, or superhero we once believed we would become.

 And you know what?

The kids will watch.  And they will remember this one day when they're parents.

Join me.  This is the year of the dad.  The FITdad.


Let's set the example.


what is it?
An eight week program for getting shredded whilst playing with your kids.  Minimal time commitment (5-20 minutes a day) and even less equipment commitment. If you're a dad with no time, but knows he needs to lose a bit of weight and get fit, then this is for you.

Do I need a gym membership?
Absolutely not.  F
itness should be done with the family, not something else a father has to go away and do.  All workouts are designed to be done with a child.  If your child is too big, just a single dumbbell, weight plate or kettlebell will do.

Do I have to start straight away?
Once you register, you have lifetime access to the program - the first day took me 3 weeks to actually finish, so when you're ready, you're ready.  We don't like charging you for the same course more than once!

Is there an eating plan?
There are 2 eating styles - one mathematical fat loss eating style based on bodybuilding diet principles. The second is a performance athlete eating style that is more flexible. Both are designed to be easy for busy dads, to get results, and to not negatively affect your mood and/or lifestyle (you won't be yelling at your kids).  

How many workouts?
there are 7 workouts per week (for 8 weeks) that you can stack any which way you want. Do 2 or 3 a day, or do them one per day depending on time commitments. Each workout lasts for less than 30 minutes.  Some workouts are only 2-5 minutes!

How is it delivered?
Register now and get instant access. You'll get your login details via email immediately.  Weekly workout plans are released to you one week in advance.

My wife is doing the Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum program, will this fit?
The fitdad program has been designed to fit with the FHHM program, but also to stand independently of it. Your wife doesn't need to be doing the FHHM program for you to be doing the fitdad program, although it is fun to do it together.

Is there support?
Yes, the program is a social online community, so you'll be able to comment or ask questions on each workout and video.

I want private coaching, where can I find out more?

you can get more info on that here

The news said you filmed yourself fat - do you have that video?
Yes, I filmed myself at the end of a bad day.  I also turned it into the first pre-season challenge for fitdads on the program. You can see it here:


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