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"I LOVE the shared recipes"

"Every day, someone new posts their AMAZING transformation, I'm so inspired!"

"It's the most positive, optimistic, inspiring group of over 8,000 mums, thankyou Sharny and Julius "

About Sharny Kieser

  • I'm nearly 40
  • I have 6 Kids (all mine)
  • I have lots of stretch marks
  • I used to weigh 84kg (185lbs)
  • I used to have Post Natal Depression
  • I exercise less than 15 minutes a day
  • I want to help you
Read my weight loss story

"I have never been so motivated!”

“Loving it! Sharny, I think your program is brilliant. I have never been so motivated. Putting myself first for a change and the results are amazing...and as an added bonus my family are also eating better and seeing a much happier, chilled out mother & wife.

It's been years since I've looked and felt so good - even my skin seems so much clearer and softer. It's great to be back in control. Highly recommend Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum program. Thanks for being so inspirational Sharny!"

Olga Craigie

“great for busy working mums...”

“I have completed 2 weeks preseason and 3 weeks of the program and I have already achieved fantastic results! Great for busy working mums as it's easy to follow and the exercises are quick and super effective!”

Megan Boyantan

“your program made all the difference”

Thanks Sharny for a great product for anyone - especially busy Mums! I work full-time, have 3 growing boys to raise as well as keep a household running. Finding time to exersize is challenging, and your program has made all the difference!!

Diana Atkinson

“You get it from a mums point of view.”

“I have struggled with my weight since having my second son. I suffered with post natal and still struggle. Sharny you inspire me and give me motivation . You get it from a mums point of view and that is so good. Especially when your struggling.
Thank you thank you thank you.
Ps your books and program shits all over Michelle Bridges hehehe xxxxx”

Taron Lazzarini

“you GOTTA DO IT!”

““I would say to any women/mums out there.... YOU GOTTA DO IT. Its an AMAZING journey/program & sooooo easy to fit into a busy mums day....The results have already blown me away & i'm not even to the end of the program yet.... A SIMPLY AWESOME PROGRAM... Highly reccommend to anyone out there who genuinely wants to see results .... & it beats going to the gym."

Samantha Armitage