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Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum (eBook)

  • The cover of this book suggests it is a diet book. Or a weight loss book. It is so much more than that.  It is a first hand account of a mother, who through societal pressure felt she had messed up her first 3 births (and kids).

    Share Sharny's journey as she tells you how she went from being the slave in her life, feeling trapped as though she were in a coffin called "bad parenting", with each new birth, she felt like she was driving a nail of failure on herself. Too tired to function, not enough milk, etc etc. All she wanted to be was the perfect mother to her children, but through lack of confidence, stopped listening to her intuition and became her worst enemy.

    With baby number 4, she decided to do things differently, very differently. Through ignoring society, listening to her inner voice and really focussing on herself as a mother, she turned her life around. She changed her eating to be for wellness and best quality breastmilk, and as a result lost 24kg in 8 weeks.

    But if that's all you get from the book, you only read the cover. Inside is a treasure trove of advice, and the courageous story of a public figure who through honesty to herself, turned her life around in a way that any woman can relate. And benefit.

    "I wish I had this book when I first had my kids"
    Moni Miles -- Mum of 2

    "This book will really inspire with its honesty and truth, mums will really relate. I loved it!"
    Tanesha Thompson -- mum of 2

    "Once again, a knockout book from Sharny and Julius. Faultless"
    Courtney Burns -- mum of 3 under 3

    "I laughed, I cried, I felt every bit of Sharny's honesty. What a beautiful gift this book is"
    Emile Janssen -- mum of 12 week old Max

    "As important a book as Save our Sleep or the Contented Little Baby Book"
    Karen Felhaber -- Obstetrician

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