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Private Athletic Coaching with Sharny and Julius

Please contact us using the tab on the left (or by clicking here) to inquire about availability and to see if, as a team, we make a good fit.  Private coaching programs vary vastly from individual to individual.  Below is a summary of the types of coaching we currently do.

Please note, immersive coaching has a current 6 month waiting list, so to get yourself on the list, contact us now to reserve your spot in the queue.

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$3,600 per month in advance

Immersive athletic coaching – exactly what you’d get if you were a professional athlete training for an event or season, but with your own private strength, conditioning, performance and nutrition coach. Athletic mindset is also a part of the service – we can create the perfect program, but if your head isn’t right, you’ll be achieving only a percentage of your potential. Mindset coaching is where we excel, and where you will leave your competition behind.

Our goal is to get you to your peak physical potential for your chosen main event(s) of the season. If you’re looking to win your age group for an event, or if you want to get into a paid team sporting franchise, you’ve been looking for us.

What’s included?


  • Training program set out with macro and micro cycles periodised to your season and taking into account personal circumstances (holidays, events, work commitments etc).
  • Training program designed around your time commitment, equipment access, current/upcoming team commitments, injuries etc.
  • Daily monitoring of activity/mood/performance/food. Program adjusted accordingly. Most of the data can be provided automatically by your smartphone, reducing your non-training workload to nearly nothing.
  • Weekly nutrition program designed around your lifestyle, likes and food habits and time capacity. Monitored via MFP and adjusted according to tastes, ongoing results, blood work and needs.
  • Supplement recommendations and scheduling.
  • Mobility and stretching program.
  • Contact with your allied health professionals – osteo / chiro / physio / massage therapist / nutritionist. We are part of your performance team.
  • Blood tests monitored. (usually monthly).
  • Mobile/skype/sms/whatsapp contact daily or as needed.


This program is not a contact time-based program, it is a results based coaching system. We will do everything in our power to get you your result. The program is strictly confidential, your results are yours to own, as though you achieved them without any help. This is also not a skills based program. For sports that require high level of skills, you will still need your skills coach (i.e. tennis, Olympic lifting, wrestling, boxing, soccer etc.) We have high level skills coaching experience with running, swimming and rugby – but understand that we are physical development and performance coaches, not skills coaches; therefore it is best assumed that we do not have the same level of skills coaching as a current sporting franchise coach or national level coach.

Please also note that for the physical components of the program, we want your success to be objective and analytical. We like to collect as much data as possible throughout your coaching so that we can always be held accountable, and you can be assured that you are getting measurable results. While mindset is an integral part of your coaching, it is immeasurable. It should be important to you that when you invest your time and money with us, you have hard evidence as to the ongoing success of the program. We DO NOT want you to wait until race day to find out if it was all worth it. You will get regular reporting on your progress toward your goals as we feel it is important to maintain a full transparency with our athletes.


$1,000 per month in advance

As above, except monitored weekly via skype or phone, not daily. Emergency contact excepted.

Complete training and nutrition plan

$1,500 total for season paid upfront.

If you don’t want the weekly/daily ongoing support, we will create a full season training/supplement/nutrition plan. The plan will be delivered monthly in advance for the duration of the competitive season. As with the immersive and comprehensive coaching, this plan will be designed around your personal circumstances, and fit with your time commitments and goals.

This is not a one-size-fits-all program, it will be built from the ground up for each athlete. It therefore includes a skype/phone session before creation and another one upon delivery explaining it all to you. We want you to fully understand it on handover.

Ad hoc phone/skype session

$250 per session

If you have a complete training and nutrition plan or comprehensive, but need an additional session mid-season, mid-week or an emergency coaching session in the event that you may be about to self-sabotage.

Current/past athletes coached:

  • Running (mid, long and ultra distance)
  • Triathlon, including ironman (Pace, efficiency, technique, effectiveness, race prep, race day nutrition.)
  • Body transformation
  • Rugby union and league (mass and strength/power, impact, field speed, acceleration, injury prevention, work rate, efficiency (which translates to fitness, or work rate)

Get in contact with us to see how we can help you to reach your physical and genetic potential.