About Sharny Kieser


While it's amazing and so much more inspiring to see the thousands of transformations our programs create, I get asked daily to tell my weight loss story.

So here it is.

Quick Facts

  • I'm nearly 40
  • I have 6 kids (all mine)
  • I have lots of stretch marks
  • I used to weigh 84kg (1851bs)
  • I used to have Post Natal Depression
  • I exercise less than 15 minutes a day using the Fit, Healthy Happy Mum Program
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I was 30kg heavier and basically eating my way to joy every day.

Joy... A hollow, empty existence.

I'd wake up in the morning hoping that night time would just come by a lot faster so I could sleep. Imagine that (you're probably living it right now) sleep being the best part of your day!

It doesn't have to be...?

One day I decided "Fuck it"

Normally I don't swear, but as I say in the book, there is no vocabulary that better encapsulates the feeling of letting go like the F-bomb!

I decided there and then that all the bullshit stories I had heard about "eating for two" or "being a mum is hard" were no longer going to apply to me. Before saying "fuck it" it was as if I had just accepted my fate without even a fight!

Thousands of lives already transformed

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I had grown up as a , girl

What on earth had happened to me?

I felt like a terrible mother, and that it was just going to be this way forever until something externally changed for me. But nothing had. Not even my clothes. I was still wearing my maternity clothes. Lol.

12 weeks after the birth of my 4th baby (Emmett), I had lost 24kg and gained my power back .

Actually, I gained more power. I felt more power. I felt that I had finally transitioned into what I WANTED to have as a mother and what I wanted to BE as a mother. Not the apron wearing hag with tuckshop arms and whispy hair who spent most of the day hiding in the pantry guzzling chocolate.

I was a WOMAN and I understood what my place in the world was.

You Don't Need To Be Afraid Any More

  • You don't have to be afraid of exercise.
    With this program, I'll teach you to LOVE it (not in that positive talk convince yourself to love exercise way, but in a deep lust for the freedom of movement and expression that all out lung busting exercise can have).
  • Be the queen in your family, not the slave.
    I'll show you how to break the shackles. You'll see that your entire family wants you to be the queen. You're the one enslaving yourself.
  • Love what you look like in a bikini.
    Your husband won't stop showering you with gifts. You'll want to book beach holidays so you can just enjoy your body. Stretch marks are sexy now too, how awesome is that!!!

This course is NOT DESIGNED to make me money

This course is about YOU!

You will have to invest a small amount of money, but Waaaay less than a PT or a nutritionist. And WAAAAAAY less than everyone says I should charge.

But, f*ck them, this course is about you, and I designed this course so that by the end of the 8 weeks, you can feel just like I do.?

You can be a bikini model, you can be the queen in your life, you can make your husband into your biggest fan, you can love yourself again.