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Fit Dad Program

Lose the Dadbod Without Ever Getting Hungry

Only $47 for lifetime access

Lose the dadbod in less than 15 minutes a day at home with your kids and eat enough that you never lose your temper.

I did it

These dads did it

Any dad can do it

I've made it a one-time payment of only $47 for lifetime access AND we have a secret FB group of over 3000 mums and dads doing the program too, so you're not alone.

You'll be getting ripped, but to the kids, it's just time playing with dad.

What You Get:

  • instant, lifetime access to the videos
  • 8 weeks of short workouts, each workout is different and the difficulty changes the fitter you get.
  • each workout is explained and demonstrated in video
  • each workout can be done at home with the kids/wife or on your own.
  • 2 styles of eating plan for fat loss