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About Us

Renegade fitness experts Sharny and Julius shot to stardom when their first book,Never Diet Again was released to the public in June 2011. The book was an adaptation of a step by step ‘escape the diet trap’ program that they had created for their private clients.  So successful was the program in changing people’s lives that the clients literally begged to make it into a book, which would be more accessible to friends and relatives overseas.  


Oh geez, we would write a whole bunch more here about ourselves, but that's not us.  We're here for you, the athlete, so have a look around our site and get to know yourself - you're far more important than we ever will be.

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Alright, as part of an interview, we got asked the following questions.  Here are our answers...


My name is… Julius

My friends call me… JJ

My fans call me… Fitdad or Based Julius


I am a … pale nerd


My favourite way to train… I like to take a high caffeine pre workout at about 7pm, knowing full well that I’ll have to be up to the kids at about 5. So that I don’t spend the night staring at the ceiling, I am then forced to do a workout to the point that my exhaustion completely overcomes the caffeine. I love the feeling of being incapacitated, kind of rolling into the shower and then crashing into bed.


My favourite superfood.. Mt Uncle’s Banana Flour

My favourite part of the day.. early morning, right before the sun rises.


I drink my coffee… blackuccino I call it. Black. Once you go black…

I drink my tea.. Tea? What man drinks tea? I’m joking. I’m really into bondi beach tea at the moment – something about the freshness and the blends is better than T2 by a long shot.

I drink my smoothies… 3 frozen bananas, tablespoon cacao, tablespoon psyllium husk, about a litre of water and ice. Better than a coffee.


I’d tell my daughter… every day I tell her that she is the most beautiful girl on earth with an indomitable spirit and the ability to be or do whatever she wants to do.

I’d tell my son… I have 4 sons, and I tell them every day to be gentle. They’re always fighting each other. When they’re a little older I’ll be telling them to not look for shortcuts, rather find challenges. It’s not the quick result, but the hard work that shapes you. It’s also uncrowded in the hard work aisle, because most people are looking for shortcuts and handouts.



Day on a plate:


Describe your day on a plate.


Upon waking: blackuccino, grapefruit

Breakfast: bacon and eggs at the park with the kids

Mid morning: chicken salad

Lunch: -

Mid Afternoon: cauliflower fried rice

Dinner: steak and veggies

Post Workout: Dextrose/Maltodextrin and Protein


Let’s have lunch:


When’s your birthday: 25 November

What’s your starsign: Sagittarius

Do you think you’re a reflection of your star sign & why: I have been told that I am honest to the point of embarrassment. There is a part of the horse that I bear very ‘little’ resemblance.


Do you have a partner: Yes!

Describe them: Picture the perfect workout partner… inspiring, motivating, looks smoking hot in gym gear, and is unforgiving of weakness. Now add to that limitless energy and massive belief in me. Finally, watch her coordinate a teenager and 4 kids under 4 seamlessly every day… She’s perfect for me. Oh, and she has the absolute best legs.


What do you do for work: Write books

Do you love it, why: I do, I find when I write, I kind of zone out and get into a really peaceful, productive place that makes me feel empowered for the rest of the day. I feel like I’ve been given a gift because it comes so effortlessly. When I’ve finished writing for the day, it feels like I’ve woken from a deep restorative sleep. Often I have to read what I wrote, otherwise I’d have no idea. Man, that sounds cheezy and weird.


What is your favourite fruit: banana

Favourite vegetable: avocado

Invent a meal that combines them: actually, if you’ve never blended avo and banana together, you’ve got to do it today – it’s like a mousse.


What inspires you, why: I’m inspired by anyone who makes an effort to better themselves, anyone who values hard work above shortcuts.

Who inspires you, why: I have this young guy from the States that sends me updates on his progress, he’s polite and tells me how much I inspire him, but it is actually he who inspires me – he’s used the gym as a way to combat his cancer, he’s beaten it 3 times (at age 20) and he goes into chemo every Saturday, rests every Sunday and works/works out the rest of the week. He has no concern for himself, he’s been in the chemo room so much that he recognizes new faces and makes it his duty to welcome them and eradicate their fear.



Favorite quote: “It sounds almost callous to suggest there is only one way and that is to work with single minded dedication and to do it harder than anyone around you and you will succeed. I realize it sound simple but try it - not for a day or a month - but consistently for month upon month and you will succeed and get the dividends. I found that it was small incremental steps of success - it comes slowly.” Joe Kieser



This or that:


Fruit or vegetables: Fruit

Ocean or river: Ocean

Europe or Asia: Europe

Bags or shoes: dafuq?

Black or white: black

Iphone or Android: iphone

Coffee or tea: coffee

Juice or Smoothie: juice

Blonde or brunette: brunette

Cardio or weights: weights

Breakfast or lunch: breakfast

Day or night: day

Designer or vintage: designer

Typed or hand written: hand written

Skype or Facetime: skype

Pants or skirts: very shirt skirts if they have good legs

Leggings or shorts: shorts if they have good legs (I love legs)

Dogs or cats: dogs

Yoga or pilates: pilates for you Maria

Flowers or chocolates: chocolates



Your WOD:

What’s your work out of the day? Take the kids to the playground, play chase, and when I catch one, throw him/her in the air a few times. Kids are brutal trainers, they have no concept of exhaustion and don’t care about your excuses. I do so much exercise with the kids that I had to create a program for other dads to get ripped while playing with their kids. Fitdad.club



Perfect day:

Describe your perfect day.


Wake up before the kids, have no work to do because lotto has finally been won. Sit on the couch with Sharny who is obviously naked. Drink coffee and talk about the kids. Look out over the deck to the ocean where the sun is rising. Watch Sharny walk out there into the breeze… follow her…


Kids wake up and we go down to the beach for the morning, at lunch we all head to a restaurant on the beach, we then slowly wander back to the hotel, shower, clean up and get into the tour bus. We look at a map and decide where we want to go next.


Drive for a couple of hours until we find a perfect spot to have dinner. Dinner is a barbecue at a picnic stop somewhere with an amazing view and space for the kids to play and explore.

My brothers make a surprise visit and we stay there until well after the sun sets, cooking marshmallows and telling stories. There are no mosquitoes or flies. The kids slip off to bed without being told to. They do the dishes too.


A nanny turns up to look after the kids while the rest of us head to the local gym and smash out a workout together. Crash into bed totally exhausted and content that life is just perfect.



My name is… Sharny

My friends call me… Sharn

My fans call me… Sharny


I am a … charismatic, hyperactive human being.


My favourite way to train.. hill sprints

My favourite superfood.. Cacao, because I love chocolate

My favourite part of the day.. 2am when we start work because it’s quiet and the most productive part of the day


I drink my coffee.. no

I drink my tea.. almond milk, no sugar

I drink my smoothies.. chocolatey and thick


I’d tell my daughter.. to be kind, loving and the best version of yourself you can be.

I’d tell my son.. to be kind, loving and the best version of yourself you can be




Day on a plate:


Describe your day on a plate.


Upon waking: green tea

Breakfast: Chocolate banana smoothie

Mid morning: banana

Lunch: bowl of steamed veggies

Mid Afternoon: watermelon

Dinner: chicken salad

Before slumber: nothing


Let’s have lunch:



When’s your birthday: 7 June

What’s your starsign: Gemini

Do you think you’re a reflection of your star sign & why: yes, I’m crazy. I have very many personalities. They’re all competing for attention.


Do you have a partner: yes

Describe them: amazing. He makes me laugh every day and is an incredible person inside and out. He’s a total genius, or at least fooled me into thinking so. But most importantly he tells me the truth no matter how much it hurts.


What do you do for work: I make online programs

Do you love it, why: yes, I couldn’t think of anything better. I get to do what I love and help people live a better life.


What is your favourite fruit: bananas and watermelon. Although mandarins are pretty damn yummy at the moment.

Favourite vegetable: Broccolini and asparagus cooked in coconut oil

Invent a meal that combines them: Damn, one fruit and one vegetable – that’s the multiple personalities there. Hmm, brocollini and asparagus in coconut oil, with a watermelon, banana and seedless mandarin smoothie on the side.


What inspires you, why: my children and their cute little faces.

Who inspires you, why: my husband because of the person he is every single day – always, always wanting to be better. From a fitness perspective, I have a girl crush on Bella Falconi and Paige Hathaway because of what they say – they’re not just bimbos looking for attention. They look amazing and always have something constructive to say.



Favorite quote: find something you love to do and do it every day for the rest of your life.


This or that:


Fruit or vegetables: vegetables

Ocean or river: ocean

Europe or Asia: Europe – never been but I heard it’s good

Bags or shoes: shoes

Black or white: black – never wear white with children

Iphone or Android: iphone

Coffee or tea: Bonid Beach Tea

Juice or Smoothie: Smoothie

Blonde or brunette: Blonde

Cardio or weights: both

Breakfast or lunch: breakfast

Day or night: day

Designer or vintage: designer

Typed or hand written: typed

Skype or Facetime: facetime

Pants or skirts: skirts

Leggings or shorts: leggings

Dogs or cats: dogs

Yoga or pilates: pilates

Flowers or chocolates: chocolates – you can’t eat flowers



Your WOD:

What’s your work out of the day? Hill sprints



Perfect day:

Describe your perfect day.


Hanging out with my family doing things active. Before we leave the house to go hiking a mountain or walking through the bush together, we will pack ourselves some fresh healthy foods in a 6 pack bag. Everyone packs what they wants – except the really young ones. Sitting down somewhere next to the car and eating our lunch with the kids. Finish the day playing in the back yard and chatting with the kids.